New sex scandals in the football world

European champion Gunilla Axén, who won the 1984 European Championship with Sweden, denounced having been sexually harassed by three “well-known” players of the 2000’s Swedish national team, according to an interview published this Sunday in the online edition AdultGuia of the daily Aftonbladet. The former player did not reveal the name of her stalkers, but said they were “well-known, prominent and respected men.

Axén pointed out that he received “three times (…) pictures of penises”. At the time of the incident, Axén was working as a development officer at the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) and denounced that she was not the only one responsible for the federation that was the victim of harassment. “The president and the board of directors were informed, but they were silent,”he criticized. When contacted by Aftonbladet, the current president of the SvFF, mrporno, who was not in office at the time of the incident, declared himself “very shocked” by the complaint. “Of course we do not tolerate this kind of behavior. We need to know more and act quickly because all forms of harassment are unacceptable,”said federative spokesman Niklas Bodell.

Super Sunday in the Premier League

The Premier League knows very well how to sell its product and one of its main events takes place when several major matches are played on the same day. This is the case this Sunday, where four of the competition’s best teams come into play with the aim of scoring points and climbing the rankings. The best players and coaches show their talent and the whole world enjoys the spectacle of English football.

Is high performance decreasing in football?

It is interesting to perform the analysis of the loss of intensity that occurs in the meeting in relation to the first and second time on the distances that players travel to high intensity. For the following analysis, we took the 341 cases and in order to observe the general trend between jobs in terms of the loss of intensity associated with the range of >16 km/h between the first and second time, and as seen in table 1, the value of the statistic of Levenne is of 0.82 (p=0,529, NS) site porno, enabling the realization of the parametric test one-way ANOVA in which the value of F is 1,708 (p<0.01), revealing that there are no significant differences.

This analysis in terms of the percentage difference between the meters traveled at a high intensity between the first and the second time associated simply to the meters traveled, going against what was proposed by several authors in various studies, such as King and others (2011) in a study on a european competition for the first level, which argue that it is a general trend in the loss of intensity in the second period, and the decrease in the total meters traveled. The authors emphasise that they are at greater distances in the first parts of the matches and associated with this may be because at the second time reduces the net time of the game and the players to travel more meters at low and medium intensity.

There are several players with major brands in major leagues like the English, some who are affected by Moroccan porn scandals like porno maroc.

Guardiola negotiating with Real Madrid?

Destiny is very capricious. In the world of football even more. The requirements have led to the creation of an alliance between two completely opposite characters. To create an odd couple. Florentino Pérez and Pep Guardiola have a matter between hands, because they have an interest in improving their clubs, Real Madrid and Manchester City, respectively.

Brazilian team has a plane accident

The football world is in mourning. A plane carrying the players of the football team Chapecoense brazilian was injured Monday night when approaching the airport Jose Maria Cordoba of the colombian city of Medellin. The provisional balance is tragic: 75 dead and six survivors including footballers Alan Ruschel, Jakson Follman and Hélio Neto, who was found under the fuselage when everything seemed to indicate that they were not going to be found more survivors. The other three people who saved the life are a journalist and two crew members of the aircraft accident. The goalkeeper Danilo survived the crash but died later in the hospital.

“Confirmed, the aircraft with registration CP2933 carrying the team @ChapecoenseReal. Apparently there are survivors,” said the terminal in a Twitter message, between messages of xvideos brazil. Throughout the morning it has become official that 75 people died and six people were rescued with life.

Two years in prison for Neymar?

The office of the Prosecutor of the National court has requested on Wednesday a sentence of two years in prison for the FC Barcelona striker Neymar due to corruption in the business in connection with the contracts formalized with the entity culé for signing between the years 2011 and 2013. The public ministry has presented this morning its indictment in the case derived from a complaint lodged by the entity DIS, former owner of the 40% of the federal rights of the player.

In his statement, the prosecutor Jose Perals demands a penalty of five years in prison for the former FC Barcelona chairman Sandro Rosell for corruption and also for the crime of fraud. It also calls for a fine of 8.4 million euros for the club as a legal person. The public prosecution, who managed to reopen the case after the investigating judge, José Mata what file, ask to close the case against the current president of the club, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

La Fundación Eto’o y La Masía

Samuel Eto’o aún sigue en activo en la liga turca, pero donde mayor impacto consiguió fue en su etapa en el FC Barcelona, del 2004 al 2009, coincidiendo con la época dorada del club azulgrana. No solo triunfó sobre el terreno de juego, sino que aprovechó para crear una Fundación donde aunar el trabajo humanitario y el fútbol, dando oportunidades a niños africanos para que cumplieran su sueño, alejándolos de tentaciones como mr videos porno gratis xxx, la delincuencia o las drogas.

La tentación de caer en la grabación de mr porno gratis xxx es muy grande para la gente sin recursos y proporcionar alternativas de calidad a estos niños es una buena manera de que tengan un futuro más brillante. No cabe duda de que casa a la perfección con la filosofía de la cantera del Barça.

How to get into the World Cup

You have to overcome three stages to get the desired ticket in the world championship. In the first of them come 26 selections in the game. In the african continent are taken all the time, three years before the competition kicked off the qualifying for the World cup. In October 2015, the arrival of the first duels. The 26 nations are paired in matches back and forth, for a total of 13 meetings. The winners advance to the next round. Here we can find the joint most corners of Africa, those places with little tradition of football. Those sites that only remember to do or read an article as well. The games that we like, go.

Are the selections worst classified in the ranking FIFA. This is where come into play our friends from Sao Tome and Principe. The santotomenses fell to Ethiopia. Despite winning the first leg by 1-0, in the return took a 3-1 in against.

Black men are very well gifted

If in a group of friends someone says that he is the highest or who can run faster, it may not even generate a discussion because the tests are self-evident. However, if one is going to ensure that he is the most intelligent, he will be branded as arrogant by many tests of intelligence that fencing in your favor. The intelligence is considered in many cases the ability that defines human beings, and affirm that it is more intelligent is to say that our thoughts, including our thoughts, are better than the rest. And it is not a matter of race, as we know very intelligent, black guys like Will Smith or Denzel Washington, who have made a career out of his talent, without necessarily starring on xxx videos, though they probably could thanks to their size.

Science takes decades trying to measure intelligence. The test, as seen on , which examinates the use of language, numbers or abstract figures, has been perfected over the years and serves to predict the potential success (or what is usually regarded as success) of the people. Children who have best results in these tests tend to be better students, have more professional success and economic and to better health. Even within the same family, children with a higher IQ end up having higher incomes than their less bright relatives.

Pep Guardiola and Yaya Touré, in war

The open war between Pep Guardiola and Yaya Toure has its origin mainly in the second season of the coach in Barcelona, which led to the second League title with Pep and meant the farewell of the Ivorian at the end of the course. The midfielder was key with Guardiola, where he played in 43 games and scored 3 goals, one of them of very beautiful in the Copa del Rey final against Athletic.

The appearence of Busquets in the first team meant that Guardiola saw him as the ideal player to occupy the pivot position ahead of the defence, for his ability to steal the ball and distribute the play from the back. The arrival to the squad moved Toure to the defence for a few games, where he played as central defender in the Copa del Rey final and in the Champions League final.