Eva Roob, a soccer star on Onlyfans

Eva Roob, una estrella del fútbol en Onlyfans-1

In recent years, women’s football has been attracting much more attention. Fortunately, things are also leveling out for girls who want to enjoy the beautiful game, and even make a living from it. Professional women’s soccer is already a reality in many countries around the world, with very important sponsors allowing each player to have enough salary to dedicate themselves exclusively to the sport. This, of course, brings a higher quality in the matches, thanks to the more professional preparation that is taking place in the teams. Countries like Sweden, Germany or the United States already have a long tradition of women’s football, and it is logical that when it comes to a World Cup, their teams are favourites, along with Brazil, where the girls they have a quality comparable to that of their male colleagues. More and more amateurs and fans are interested in this discipline, even filling stadiums around the world.

But there is still much more to do. It is logical that these girls, despite doing the same job as their peers, do not earn anywhere near what they do. And it is that modern football is still a great business in which what really matters is getting the maximum possible benefit from each team. The players have such high chips because they generate a lot not only with their performance on the field, but also with the sale of shirts and other image rights. The girls are not yet at that level, although little by little we are finding more and more media players. Social networks also help to give greater visibility to these soccer professionals, who little by little are reaching the masses. Perhaps if professionalization had been at this point a few years ago, the German EvaRoob would not have had to leave soccer to look for a more profitable alternative: porn. This is the incredible and fascinating story of Samira Summer, the former professional player who traded grass for Onlyfans and adult filming.

Benzema and his problems with prostitutes


If we ask the majority of young kids around the world what they want to be when they grow up, many of them will choose to be elite athletes . Footballers, tennis players or basketball players, depending on the country in which we do the survey, and the sport that triumphs in those parts. For children and young people, athletes are the best examples of success that one can find. Talented, fearless, ambitious, brave, billionaires … Adored by the masses and with dreamlike lives, or at least that’s what it appears from the outside. Footballers are often role models for many kids who kick a ball in the squares and streets of their neighborhood, dreaming of reaching the elite one day. However, these athletes are no longer usually an example off the field, and many of them are involved in a multitude of controversies .

Precisely because they are young and have a lot of money, footballers usually believe they are above good and evil, capable of doing whatever they want. They are used to being cheered on by thousands of people in matches , but that pressure can also work against them. An unmarked streak, and the striker who was once a god now becomes a villain. A small slip after many stops, and the goalkeeper is disowned by the fans. You need a well-furnished head to survive all that pressure, but the truth is that there are footballers who don’t seem to be exactly right up there. And we say it because they do not stop getting into trouble that, in the end, also end up affecting their sports career . It is not something new, and there are the cases of Geroge Best, Paul Gascoine or Eric Cantona to prove it. However, it seems that now, with football turned into an industry where players are also walking advertisements, exemplary should be greater. This is not the case, and no matter how good you are on the pitch, if it were his that you don’t know how to behave in the end, all this has its consequences, as in the case of Karim Benzema.

Being a soccer coach, what are the requirements?

soccer coach

It is always said that each of us has a coach inside, especially those who enjoy football and are judging each decision of the coach of their team. Understanding football does not mean being able to train a group of professional players, with all that that entails. However, bulls always look great from the sidelines. When we are watching a game on television it seems that we have the absolute truth, and we are in a better disposition to analyze it than the coach himself. That man has been on the bench for more or less time, he will have had more or less experience, but if he is there it is for something. In fact, to become a soccer coach it is necessary to go through a fairly intense training that is based on three levels, depending on the type of diploma that we want to achieve. And it is not the same to train the neighborhood team than to reach Real Madrid or Manchester United.

Many soccer players decide to continue their careers linked to their favorite sport as coaches. In fact, many of those who today sit on the most prestigious benches in the world have spent the last two decades for important teams. Guardiola, Zidane, Ancelotti, Lopetegui, Simeone … Many of the most important coaches of the moment have passed through the pitch before, and without a doubt that allows them to have a much closer view of their own players . However, one can take these coaching courses without having played football, at least professionally. It is enough to pass certain requirements, which will vary according to the level we choose. We can stay only in the first level or try to reach the third, which is the professional . What is clear is that to do the latter we must first go through the other two. That will give us the necessary experience to be able to have a much greater vision of the game and the team. Because no, putting ourselves to comment on games at the bar does not count as experience .

The story of Luka Modrić


Before being an independent republic, Croatia already contributed many high-level athletes to the Yugoslav national team , where Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Slovenes and Montenegrins came together to participate in brotherhood in the main world competitions. Yugoslavia was a powerhouse soccer , and also managed to go far in basketball. The beautiful game continued to be the most important when the country was fragmented, and the team that best knew how to take advantage of this new impulse was precisely the Croatian, thanks to a generation of players of the highest level such as Boban, Jarni or Davor Suker . That Croatia played its first World Cup in 1998, years after its official creation, and managed to reach the semi-finals of the tournament, demonstrating the potential of its players. Twenty years later, a new generation broke that milestone, reaching the final of the World Championship.

Although Croatia ended up losing the final of that World Cup against Mbappe’s France, the truth is that the national team gave a whole recital of good play, courage and quality. The captain of that team was, and continues to be, the Real Madrid player Luka Modric , a player who has been an absolute international for fourteen years and who continues to show that he has everything it takes to command a team. seemingly second-tier selection as Croatia at the top. The Madridista’s career is worthy of being analyzed and reviewed , since after passing only three teams he has won almost all the possible titles for a player. Modric is still a fundamental pillar at Real Madrid today and of course, also in the Croatian national team, and he did not arrive here by chance. If you want to know its history, keep reading, because it will surely surprise you.

Unfaithful footballers, something very common in this sport


Footballers are today the closest thing to rock stars in the world of sports, along with some basketball and football players in the United States. In the rest of the world, where football is the king of sports, these young millionaire boys are praised as true stars, known by all and idolized by both the youngest and the adults who are fans of this sport. Their lives seem ideal from the outside, but it is true that being a professional footballer should not be easy. You can see the good, the money, the fame, the success … but the day-to-day effort, the pressure they suffer in each game, in each season, that must also be understood.

Not only do you need talent to stand out in the world and go far, but also a cool head, a lot of personality and above all, knowing how to focus very well on sports. However, in recent times there are footballers who have made their public image profitable in many ways, beyond the sport itself. A player’s professional career ends at age 40 at the most, and then they have to make the most of their own image as well. That is why on many occasions, especially now with social networks, footballers are closer and more open with their fans. Their partners have also become celebrities, some of them almost more famous than the athletes themselves, and gossip magazines often talk about them on many occasions.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo improve his fitness?


For many of us, the best player in the world, he lets us know his gym routines to get positive results. If anything you have to admire Cristiano Ronaldo in addition to the amazing life story, it is his body, fully worked, shows how the results of physical exercise combined with a strict diet away from pleasures such as: desserts or beer are a lethal combination.

Although achieving it can only be the result of sports training, carried out in the best way, we can learn from this professional player to understand how constancy and dedication will allow you to take care of your body.

A footballer asked his wife to divorce him for telling sexual intimacies on TV


Montréal Impact player Blerim Dzemaili asked Erjona Sulejmani for divorce and custody of her son after telling the couple’s intimacy on a reality show. An Italian television programme caused a real world scandal. Erjona Sulejmani’s words sparked the fury of Blerim Dzemaili, who is currently playing for Major League Soccer’s Montreal Impact. The model is one of the members of a reality show called Le Capitane, formed by five wags (Jessica Melena -wife of Ciro Immobile, from the Lazio-; Silvia Slitti -partner of Giampaolo Pazzini, from Hellas Veron-; Michela Persico -woman of the Juventus player Daniele Rugani- and Emilie Nef Naf -ex

When asked about pre-match sex, Sulejmani sketched out:”Pre-match sex? But the footballers aren’t great lovers. They prefer to do it themselves.” His words caused a stir in video porno italiani, and the footballer, whose pass is owned by Bologna, decided to ask him for divorce and custody of the son they have in common.

Alexis Sánchez signed by Manchester United


Chile’s Alexis Sanchez finally made his move to Manchester United, after the English media had put him in the Red Devils’ hometown rivals Manchester City a few weeks earlier. Jose Mourinho’s team had to pay 48 million euros plus the Armenian player, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Alexis will earn around £400,000 a week, which is equivalent to £19.2 million a year, making him one of the Premier League’s best-paid footballers.

The Chilean had six more months of contract with Arsenal, but the attacker’s mind was on signing for one of the two teams in Manchester; Paris Saint Germain also showed interest, but only remained in that. Alexis sent a message to the fans of the Gunners through his Instagram, in which he thanks the affection they gave him throughout his stay in the whole of London: “I want to thank the Technical Staff, the medical team, all the teammates with whom I shared many nice things for the club and especially all those people who are not seen on the front pages, but without them nothing would be possible, they are the ones who prepare your food and take care of you day by day,”said the Chilean.

New sex scandals in the football world


European champion Gunilla Axén, who won the 1984 European Championship with Sweden, denounced having been sexually harassed by three “well-known” players of the 2000’s Swedish national team, according to an interview published this Sunday in the online edition AdultGuia of the daily Aftonbladet. The former player did not reveal the name of her stalkers, but said they were “well-known, prominent and respected men.

Axén pointed out that he received “three times (…) pictures of penises”. At the time of the incident, Axén was working as a development officer at the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) and denounced that she was not the only one responsible for the federation that was the victim of harassment. “The president and the board of directors were informed, but they were silent,”he criticized. When contacted by Aftonbladet, the current president of the SvFF, mrporno, who was not in office at the time of the incident, declared himself “very shocked” by the complaint. “Of course we do not tolerate this kind of behavior. We need to know more and act quickly because all forms of harassment are unacceptable,”said federative spokesman Niklas Bodell.

Super Sunday in the Premier League


The Premier League knows very well how to sell its product and one of its main events takes place when several major matches are played on the same day. This is the case this Sunday, where four of the competition’s best teams come into play with the aim of scoring points and climbing the rankings. The best players and coaches show their talent and the whole world enjoys the spectacle of English football.