Alexis Sánchez signed by Manchester United

Chile’s Alexis Sanchez finally made his move to Manchester United, after the English media had put him in the Red Devils’ hometown rivals Manchester City a few weeks earlier. Jose Mourinho’s team had to pay 48 million euros plus the Armenian player, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Alexis will earn around £400,000 a week, which is equivalent to £19.2 million a year, making him one of the Premier League’s best-paid footballers.

The Chilean had six more months of contract with Arsenal, but the attacker’s mind was on signing for one of the two teams in Manchester; Paris Saint Germain also showed interest, but only remained in that. Alexis sent a message to the fans of the Gunners through his Instagram, in which he thanks the affection they gave him throughout his stay in the whole of London: “I want to thank the Technical Staff, the medical team, all the teammates with whom I shared many nice things for the club and especially all those people who are not seen on the front pages, but without them nothing would be possible, they are the ones who prepare your food and take care of you day by day,”said the Chilean.

One of the most wanted forwards

Now the Red Devils’ attack was made up of Frenchman Anthony Martial, Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Englishman Jesse Lingard and Belgian Romelu Lukaku. Alexis Sanchez may be included in the Champions League list for the Round of 16 game against Sevilla.

I’m very proud to be the first Chilean to play at United and I hope to be able to show all our fans around the world why the club wanted me to come,” said the player, who has already posted a video on social networking sites showing him wearing the United jersey on Old Trafford turf.

Alexis also remembered his former club and fans: “I’ve spent three and a half wonderful years at Arsenal and I’ve had very positive memories of that great club and its fans.” The United coach Jose Mourinho stressed that “Alexis is one of the world’s best strikers and will complete our forward, young and talented. He will bring us his ambition, his strength and personality. He’s a player who will make the team stronger,” the coach added.