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Black men are very well gifted

If in a group of friends someone says that he is the highest or who can run faster, it may not even generate a discussion because the tests are self-evident. However, if one is going to ensure that he is the most intelligent, he will be branded as arrogant by many tests of intelligence that fencing in your favor. The intelligence is considered in many cases the ability that defines human beings, and affirm that it is more intelligent is to say that our thoughts, including our thoughts, are better than the rest. And it is not a matter of race, as we know very intelligent, black guys like Will Smith or Denzel Washington, who have made a career out of his talent, without necessarily starring on xxx videos, though they probably could thanks to their size.

Science takes decades trying to measure intelligence. The test, as seen on , which examinates the use of language, numbers or abstract figures, has been perfected over the years and serves to predict the potential success (or what is usually regarded as success) of the people. Children who have best results in these tests tend to be better students, have more professional success and economic and to better health. Even within the same family, children with a higher IQ end up having higher incomes than their less bright relatives.