Eva Roob, a soccer star on Onlyfans

In recent years, women’s football has been attracting much more attention. Fortunately, things are also leveling out for girls who want to enjoy the beautiful game, and even make a living from it. Professional women’s soccer is already a reality in many countries around the world, with very important sponsors allowing each player to have enough salary to dedicate themselves exclusively to the sport. This, of course, brings a higher quality in the matches, thanks to the more professional preparation that is taking place in the teams. Countries like Sweden, Germany or the United States already have a long tradition of women’s football, and it is logical that when it comes to a World Cup, their teams are favourites, along with Brazil, where the girls they have a quality comparable to that of their male colleagues. More and more amateurs and fans are interested in this discipline, even filling stadiums around the world.

But there is still much more to do. It is logical that these girls, despite doing the same job as their peers, do not earn anywhere near what they do. And it is that modern football is still a great business in which what really matters is getting the maximum possible benefit from each team. The players have such high chips because they generate a lot not only with their performance on the field, but also with the sale of shirts and other image rights. The girls are not yet at that level, although little by little we are finding more and more media players. Social networks also help to give greater visibility to these soccer professionals, who little by little are reaching the masses. Perhaps if professionalization had been at this point a few years ago, the German EvaRoob would not have had to leave soccer to look for a more profitable alternative: porn. This is the incredible and fascinating story of Samira Summer, the former professional player who traded grass for Onlyfans and adult filming.

Her beginnings as a professional player

Eva had always been interested in sports, and before focusing on soccer she had already gone through other disciplines. However, it was football that stole his heart from a very young age. The German made an effort to become professional, and after studying her career, she was signed by Nuremberg, a team from the first German professional soccer division. However, the salary he received for this job was not particularly high.

The young woman felt that she was sacrificing a lot for a dream that was just beginning, but that was already raising many doubts. That’s why he decided to look for a side job to earn extra. What he did not imagine is that this other trade was going to become his priority in a short time, when he understood that it paid him much more than continuing to play soccer.  

Retired at a very young age

Eva Roob was a girl with an open mind and an obvious sexuality. Her curves, her sensuality, her Germanic beauty, had already made her stand out at the university. In fact, she had even dabbled in modeling in a few shoots for friends. But it was in 2008 when she decided to go one step further and venture into the porn industry and eroticism. It was something that, as he later confessed, had always attracted him. The opportunity presented itself to her while she was still a professional player at Nuremberg, and she decided to take advantage of it, combining both activities. That, however, would not hesitate too long, since the actress herself would admit that it was difficult to shoot intense scenes and then be with the necessary vitality to train or play.

It was therefore a complicated but logical decision that he made when he retired from professional football. In fact, the former athlete assumed that she didn’t really like soccer that much, and that she preferred her work as a model and erotic actress. The transition was smooth, first appearing in some men’s magazines, and then fully immersed in the porn industry under the name Samira Summer. Thanks to this change, the German was able to lead a more peaceful and economically stable life. It is clear that the pressure was not the same, but it is clear that Summer was prepared to assume that social wear and tear of being a pornstar. Going from anonymity on the soccer fields to viral internet stardom may not have been easy, but it allowed her to reach a massive audience that has fueled her career ever since.  

New life as a porn actress

After hanging up her boots, Eva decided to fully focus on her new profession as an erotic actress. Under the name Samira Summer, she began shooting many scenes in her native Germany, also attracting the attention of many international producers. And the thing is that her case was very special, and she was not just any actress. Going from soccer to porn wasn’t exactly common, so that morbidity that I already had in itself was magnified. His reports began to be priced in style, and he appeared in both erotic and commercial media, including on television in his country.

The girl responded to various interviews where she recognized that, although she was passionate about soccer, she liked this new job much more. In addition, Samira alluded to the low income she earned as a gamer to explain her decision to switch to porn. It had been thoughtful, actually, and the girl knew what she was getting into. At that time, many did not understand this alternative, but for her it was something logical, in the sense that she had found a vocation with a bright future. And of course he was not wrong. Since then, Samira has been doing all kinds of erotic and explicit scenes and reports, and is one of the most recognized German pornstars. She has worked with dozens of renowned directors, and continues to be a favorite for many fans, who can now also enjoy it on her private Onlyfans account.  

Your income thanks to Onlyfans

Like so many other models and erotic actresses, Samira also wanted to take advantage of the Internet to launch her private project on Onlyfans. Here, the former soccer player can post her own content so that her fans support her with subscriptions. In fact, Samira has recognized that this is currently her main source of income.

And it is not surprising, since Onlyfans is causing a revolution in the world of adult content. Now there are no intermediaries, there is no need for production companies. Any girl, whether professional or anonymous, can create her account and start selling her content, quite successfully as well. In the case of Samira, she already had previous experience and many fans thanks to her career as a pornstar, but this new stage is giving her even more joy.