The story of Luka Modrić

Before being an independent republic, Croatia already contributed many high-level athletes to the Yugoslav national team , where Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Slovenes and Montenegrins came together to participate in brotherhood in the main world competitions. Yugoslavia was a powerhouse soccer , and also managed to go far in basketball. The beautiful game continued to be the most important when the country was fragmented, and the team that best knew how to take advantage of this new impulse was precisely the Croatian, thanks to a generation of players of the highest level such as Boban, Jarni or Davor Suker . That Croatia played its first World Cup in 1998, years after its official creation, and managed to reach the semi-finals of the tournament, demonstrating the potential of its players. Twenty years later, a new generation broke that milestone, reaching the final of the World Championship.

Although Croatia ended up losing the final of that World Cup against Mbappe’s France, the truth is that the national team gave a whole recital of good play, courage and quality. The captain of that team was, and continues to be, the Real Madrid player Luka Modric , a player who has been an absolute international for fourteen years and who continues to show that he has everything it takes to command a team. seemingly second-tier selection as Croatia at the top. The Madridista’s career is worthy of being analyzed and reviewed , since after passing only three teams he has won almost all the possible titles for a player. Modric is still a fundamental pillar at Real Madrid today and of course, also in the Croatian national team, and he did not arrive here by chance. If you want to know its history, keep reading, because it will surely surprise you.

Early years

Luka Modric was born in Zadar in 1985 , at that time still part of Yugoslavia. At just six years old, the little boy and his family had to move because of the independence conflict in Croatia. They would return home after the war and Luka would begin to emerge as an athlete, especially in soccer, a discipline he loved and for which he seemed to have a natural talent. At the age of sixteen he signed for Dinamo Zagreb , surely the most powerful team in his country, being loaned twice before being able to settle at the club and earn a position as a professional player. After winning six national titles and making his senior debut for Croatia in 2006, Modric signed for Tottenham Spurs of the English Premier League in the summer of 2008.

His beginnings in football

He was 23 years old and came with the vitola of being one of the most promising young midfielders on the continent, but Modric’s establishment at the London club was not easy, at least at first . While I continued to triumph with the national team, Modric took a little longer to bring out his talent in the British team, especially due to injuries , which even led to him being labeled as “weak” for the competition. Modric did not give up and from his second year in London he managed to dazzle everyone with his vision of the game and his quality . So much so that in 2012, and after intense negotiations, the Croatian signed for Real Madrid, one of the most powerful clubs in the world, generating a transfer of 30 million euros that, soon after, they would be seen as a minutia for all that the Croatian could contribute.

Consolidation as one of the best footballers

Without a doubt, Modric’s best years as a footballer have been at Real Madrid . In eight seasons at the white club he has won numerous titles, including four Champions League, four Club World Cups, two Spanish Leagues and a Copa del Rey . The performance of the Croatian has been fundamental for this full decade of the white team in Europe. In 2018 , after winning the Champions League and leading Croatia to the World Cup final, Modric was chosen as the Ballon d’Or, the most important individual title that can be awarded to a footballer, surpassing other great stars like Lionel Messi, Neymar Junior or his still partner at that time, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Luka Modrić’s statistics

Modric has typically played as a attacking midfielder or midfielder , thanks to his ability to make the last pass. Although he has never stood out for his scoring ability, the truth is that he has scored very important goals for both his clubs and his national team. The most outstanding facet of the madridista is his role as an assistant, providing an average of seven goal assists each year. His vision of the game and his ability to manage the rhythm of the game have also been very important keys to becoming one of the most important footballers on the planet. Modric has played 130 official matches for Croatia, scoring 16 goals and making 20 assists , currently being the captain of the Blanquirojos.

Luka Modrić today

The unquestionable quality of Luka Modric has allowed him to stand out in a team where competition is extremely high, Real Madrid, where his role as a starter is indisputable were it not for injury. Considered a “weak” footballer, the truth is that at 35 years old Modric continues to show his quality as long as his body allows it. In this new and atypical season he has played 25 games for Real Madrid, adding four goals and two assists . Perhaps his average is not as spectacular as in previous years, but the Croatian is having a lot of continuity and he is sure to be able to overcome old scores. In addition, Modric aspires to again captain Croatia in the Qatar World Cup in 2022 , perhaps to make up for the defeat in the 2018 Russia final.