Unfaithful footballers, something very common in this sport

Footballers are today the closest thing to rock stars in the world of sports, along with some basketball and football players in the United States. In the rest of the world, where football is the king of sports, these young millionaire boys are praised as true stars, known by all and idolized by both the youngest and the adults who are fans of this sport. Their lives seem ideal from the outside, but it is true that being a professional footballer should not be easy. You can see the good, the money, the fame, the success … but the day-to-day effort, the pressure they suffer in each game, in each season, that must also be understood.

Not only do you need talent to stand out in the world and go far, but also a cool head, a lot of personality and above all, knowing how to focus very well on sports. However, in recent times there are footballers who have made their public image profitable in many ways, beyond the sport itself. A player’s professional career ends at age 40 at the most, and then they have to make the most of their own image as well. That is why on many occasions, especially now with social networks, footballers are closer and more open with their fans. Their partners have also become celebrities, some of them almost more famous than the athletes themselves, and gossip magazines often talk about them on many occasions.

Relationship between his fame and infidelities

Footballers are usually young, handsome guys with a lot of money. That makes them be in the spotlight, because they are a great game, and also because their fame makes them public, with all that that implies. Celebrities are under special pressure from the media and from society itself, which sometimes seems to be wanting to elevate a couple only to see them destroyed soon after. Footballers usually have quite impressive girlfriends, models, actresses, singers or very elegant and spectacular girls who undoubtedly know that next to a good player, the good life is assured. And we do not mean by this that there is no love in these relationships, but it is difficult, on many occasions, to discern the real interest of other interests.

Celebrities tend to be unfaithful, precisely because their life is always exposed, in focus, and that pressure sometimes makes their love relationships much more difficult to cope with. It may seem easy to be with a rich and famous person, but that is also a double-edged sword. That person, in addition, usually has an excessive ego and believes that the whole world revolves around him, and that he has permission to do whatever it takes, without causing consequences. Many footballers see it as normal to have a girlfriend but fool around with other girls, as long as their girlfriend doesn’t find out. They are famous and wealthy guys, and they feel like they can do whatever they want. However, this also leads to very dissolute lives afterwards.

Which footballers have been unfaithful

There are many footballers who have been accused of being unfaithful to their partners, because it is something that is practically taken for granted in such famous boys and with such hectic lives. In recent years, in addition, social networks have been key to revealing many of these infidelities, since it seems that footballers, even married ones, usually write private messages to the girls they like through these media. Mezut Ozil, a german Arsenal player, was unfaithful to his girlfriend with the girl of one of his teammates, which was a scandal in the country. Also another Premier player, the welshman Ryan Giggs, confessed to having been unfaithful to his wife with a famous british model, who in turn had been dating Cristiano Ronaldo, Giggs’ teammate at Manchester United for several years.

It seems that the English are very given to this type of relationship, because one of the most notorious cases has to do with the one who was captain of the national team, the central John Terry. Years ago, Terry shared a changing room at Chelsea with Wayne Bridge, a teammate with whom he got along quite well … until Terry decided to have an affair with his wife, Vanessa Perroncel, causing a real schism in the team. Bridge left the same and Terry was banned in the English selection, by his bad behavior like team-mate. Also the Argentine Mauro Icardi got fully into the relationship of his protector Maxi López with the model Wanda Nara. The case was a scandal in Italy, where both played, and even got to fight through social networks.

Has it affected their marriages?

The above cases are well known to all, but there are many rumors that unfaithful footballers are in all teams. A certain spanish celebrity recently revealed on a television program that the Real Madrid and Atlético players held clandestine parties where they invited girls they knew on Instagram, models and famous actresses, who had no qualms about enjoying those wild parties with the players, always behind the backs of their women. The WAGs, as the women and girlfriends of footballers are known, are always in the spotlight for being cheated on. Some try to cope as if nothing is wrong, but others, of course, don’t take it so well.

There are many marriages that are maintained for many years between footballers and their girls. And in fact, the less known their women tend to be, the better things usually go. However, there are other marriages that have been broken by these infidelities. We have already seen the case of Wayne Bridge or that of Maxi López, who left his wife Wanda Nara after years of relationship and three children in between. The case of Rafa Márquez was also very media, since he began dating Jaydy Mitchell shortly after breaking up with his first wife and mother of his children, Adriana Lavat. The girl then alluded to that Márquez and Mitchell would surely have seen each other when the marriage was still going on, and blamed the model for being the cause of the breakup.