New sex scandals in the football world

European champion Gunilla Axén, who won the 1984 European Championship with Sweden, denounced having been sexually harassed by three “well-known” players of the 2000’s Swedish national team, according to an interview published this Sunday in the online edition AdultGuia of the daily Aftonbladet. The former player did not reveal the name of her stalkers, but said they were “well-known, prominent and respected men.

Axén pointed out that he received “three times (…) pictures of penises”. At the time of the incident, Axén was working as a development officer at the Swedish Football Federation (SvFF) and denounced that she was not the only one responsible for the federation that was the victim of harassment. “The president and the board of directors were informed, but they were silent,”he criticized. When contacted by Aftonbladet, the current president of the SvFF, mrporno, who was not in office at the time of the incident, declared himself “very shocked” by the complaint. “Of course we do not tolerate this kind of behavior. We need to know more and act quickly because all forms of harassment are unacceptable,”said federative spokesman Niklas Bodell.

Sex and racism among young footballers

The video contains a scandalous act of sexual and racist violence and was published in Snapchat. The young people involved will have legal consequences, as they are investigated by the police. Here’s how it is: A Snapchat video that became viral triggered one of the strongest sex and racist scandals among teenagers in Richmond, Virginia. The young people integrated the most scandalous themes of this social network into a single clip, to which they are regular high school students: simulated sexual assaults, racial acts, racial insults and repulsive language.

The stars are the members of a Short Pump Middle School soccer team, who are now facing investigation and have even been suspended for the season because of the scandalous video. According to the Associated Press, the police are investigating students who appear on the video, as well as the entire team. The video is subtitled, “What really happens in the football locker room,” and it shows some of the bland-raced players simulating sexual acts against black youth, reported WTVR, an affiliate of Richmond CBS.

We live in a world influenced by sex

It has been an impressive few weeks of allegations of sexual harassment against extremely powerful men. The women, trying to reclaim some of their own power, responded massively on social networks with the hashtag #MeToo (#Also), sharing mostly stories of when they were sexually harassed at work.

But sexual harassment is not limited to the workplace. Sue Sheff, author of the recent book Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate – which includes a foreword by Monica Lewinsky – points out that in the digital age sexual harassment also prevails online.