Brazilian team has a plane accident

The football world is in mourning. A plane carrying the players of the football team Chapecoense brazilian was injured Monday night when approaching the airport Jose Maria Cordoba of the colombian city of Medellin. The provisional balance is tragic: 75 dead and six survivors including footballers Alan Ruschel, Jakson Follman and Hélio Neto, who was found under the fuselage when everything seemed to indicate that they were not going to be found more survivors. The other three people who saved the life are a journalist and two crew members of the aircraft accident. The goalkeeper Danilo survived the crash but died later in the hospital.

“Confirmed, the aircraft with registration CP2933 carrying the team @ChapecoenseReal. Apparently there are survivors,” said the terminal in a Twitter message, between messages of xvideos brazil. Throughout the morning it has become official that 75 people died and six people were rescued with life.

Could it have been avoided?

Apparently the accident occurred in the vicinity of the municipalities of La Ceja and The Union, both in the department of Antioquia and close to Rionegro, where is located the airport Jose Maria Cordoba. The director of the Administrative Department of the System of Prevention, Care and Disaster Recovery (Dapard) of Antioquia, Mauricio Parodi, told reporters that the plane came from the airport Viru Viru, Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), where the seem had made a technical scale. According to the Airport of Medellin, the apparatus carrying 72 passengers and nine crew members.

The aircraft, with registration TT2933, should have come to Medellin to 21.33 hours local (02.33 GMT Tuesday), but lost contact with the control tower when flying close to The Eyebrow, according to the sources. The sports club Chapecoense, in the city of Chapecó, in the brazilian state of Santa Catarina, heading to Medellin to play the Wednesday, the first leg of the final of the Copa Sudamericana against Atletico Nacional.

The brazilian footballer Alan Ruschel is one of the victims that have arrived at the hospital of The Eyebrow, the town nearest to the loss. The players Danilo Padhila and Jackson Follman; hostess Ximena Suárez and a brazilian journalist, Rafael Hensel, are the other victims who have been rescued. The civil aviation authority has published the list of passengers on Twitter.

Edwin Tumiri, aircraft technical, was on the list of rescued but the authorities, but died after reaching the hospital. Five hours after the incident he was rescued from under the fuselage a man of about 30 years with politraumatismos, especially severe in the lower extremities. The first data point to which it is Helium Zampier.

This tragedy reminds us about about other sad moments in the history of football and sport in general, but now we can only pray for their souls and hope this never happens again.