Super Sunday in the Premier League

The Premier League knows very well how to sell its product and one of its main events takes place when several major matches are played on the same day. This is the case this Sunday, where four of the competition’s best teams come into play with the aim of scoring points and climbing the rankings. The best players and coaches show their talent and the whole world enjoys the spectacle of English football.

Manchester City – Arsenal

City are following their lead in the Premier League and Champions League. And his thing is to win. After the game in San Paolo on Wednesday, Pep’s side host Arsenal at hometown level. If they win the game and United take a shot at Stamford Bridge, the City would put a significant distance ahead of their top supporters. But we’re still in November, and Arsenal are always dangerous. Wenger’s team, which does not participate in Champions has won 4 of the last 5 games and are more than ready to give the bell in Etihad.

Will the gunners be able to stop the City’s all-powerful attack? 3,5 goals per game at the start of the season guarantee them. Arsenal are fifth in the standings and after a dubious start, the win would likely return them to Champions. Londoners cannot afford to be out of the top four for another year.

Chelsea – Manchester United

Weeks after the cross between Conte and Mourinho, one of the Premier League classics arrives: Chelsea – Manchester United. The big game of the day. The two clubs with the most titles in the top flight of English football. The champion of last season against the giant of the 13 titles. Chelsea doesn’t look like the same as last year’s. He has already lost three of the top 10 games and has dropped 11 points along the way. Looks like that perfect 3-4-3 that revolutionized the Premier is starting to crack. Matic and Costa left and their substitutes are still in the process of adaptation. However, victories over Watford and Bournemouth put them just 1 and 4 points behind Tottenham and United, respectively. It’s too early to rule out Chelsea from the title race. However, a loss to United would make it very, very difficult for them.

Manchester United, who conceded their first defeat of the season two weeks ago, are still looking forward to the title. And, above all, not to lose the trail of a City that has made the best start in Premier League history. Pep’s team are demanding that the Red Devils be able to keep up with their neighbours’ pace, forcing them to win every matchday. Therefore, Mourinho visits what was his stadium – Stamford Bridge – with the obligation to win.